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Canal and River Trust
Pre-Bookable Visitor Mooring
In January 2015 Bespoke Boating entered into a partnership agreement with Canal and River Trust to pilot, trial and run a pre-bookable visitor mooring from Rembrandt Gardens on the Grand Canal Junction at Little Venice, Maida Vale, London for a 6 month period. In the first 5 months, with a few tweaks to the booking system, we achieved 100% occupancy and a list of very happy customers.

We are pleased to say that the scheme will carry on with Canal and River Trust managing the bookings and site through the local London waterway team. Contact is still by email and David, Sian and Steph are looking forward to hearing from you at

We are pleased to have had this opportunity to work with Canal and River Trust to pilot the pre-bookable moorings and wish them every success in the future.